Friday, October 31, 2008

keta mak aku

Salam.......sjer jer aku nk 2lis....nme pun blog aku...huhuhuh....nk story nie....kreta fmily aku lbih krang cmnie r, stndart a.k.a aku syg keta nie, 120km/h mntap g wlaupun bsttus pkak...timee bwk pun sdap...kusyen die x pyah ckp r mmg utk mensesuaikn keta lma nie dgn jiwa gula2 remaj aku nie byk yg nk kena buat....mklumla ala2 keta izham(impian ilyana) kata mmber aku si fizie(bdak prlis nie)...xpun kuda tua(pak lah lak kata), ada gak yg bantai glak kata aku bwk skyline biru(nie arsyad nie) nk story ckit kuda tua aku nie wlaupun tua tp mnum air(mnyak r 2) mmg seb lah bg keeta lebar n 1.3 cmnie, tmbah2 lak tgh mnyak mahal nie.....ltak rm10 bleh stengah penang g aku kdang2 sgan lak tgk awek bwak kncil kat trafic light nk brentap(time nk g market nie)......aduyaiiiiiii.....lri niat aku bwk keta mak aku nie.....sowy mak!!!!! mmg sdap r wlaupun 1st impresion 2 agak mgcewakn tp bla da dok kat seat die rse cm seat bus transnasional lak......gebu......

antra bnda yg dah di buat kat keta nie
1.overhall engine
2.tukar bteeri
5.oil filter

dnda nk wat lak later
2.tukar rim (14/15)
3.ktuk body(lori mna x taw bntai ari2, kira lnggar pndu r nie)
4.ltak duck tail...huhuhu...
5.ezos ksi bsar ckit(skunk cm bwak keta cntrol ja x dgr engine)
6.dashboard (bnda pling wjib nie, jrum meter da mleding)
7.wyering( klu x mnual la bg signel)
8.sound system

tp aku nie s2dy g x dka duit r, nie yg wat aku nk paw kak aku ie......huhhuh......lter i hope this car from 0 to hero r......k chow......

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sometime we think we r brave enough but actualy not right......for example sometime we calculate 1+1=3++, that show that we are not very brave n perfect my fren........the perfect n most brave is...just 'THE ONLY ONE'.......

bdak nie????

r u?

final oiiiiii

salam........hi now im just in the corner b4 my final exam in this lovely UMP
i hope i get the best result after this.......feel quiet scared right now, dont know why....huhuuu....
aftel all this i willl go bback to my home town for sem break.....a lot of intresting already wait me 28-30/11 i will join kayak xpdc by follow my x-mtrx trip in lumut....
so lumut wait for me...i comeeee............................................waslam

Sunday, August 24, 2008


selamat berpuasa to all novice, celebrate this fasting month with full of joy.... dont forget to bayar puasa ar...hu2....


Olympic in Beijing still running, but Malaysia no more an athlete that are involve in any event, their journey are already done but for this event their journey are better than before, because our 'super heroes' that fight with his racket, our badminton player Lee Chong Wei that win a silver medal after lost to Lin Dan that we are already know as the first ranking individual badminton player, and maybe the reason that Lin Dan can perform better in the final is because play in his 'home' that he get a fully support from the China crout. What ever happen we should proud because this time Malaysia get a medal and atleast has a position in the list of the state that has a medal in the olympic event for this year. Not like four years a go in Athens, Malaysia contingent back without any medal and also in the event before in Sydney. We as a Malysian should qountinue our support to Malaysia contingent, and we hope their can born more heroes like Chong Wei in the future to acchieve a better result in the next olympic event on 2012 in London and so on and will get the first of gold medal in the olympic event. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cti2 UMP

Next week is holiday, syukur to Allah swt lastly i get my ticket to my hometown. better than i escape from hide in my frend bag n stay in baggage side.....hahahaha......but i dont know either i have ticket to return to UMP after holiday are finish.......arghhh.......erm so many test after holiday, what the value of tahe holiday if i has to study for the test.......

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Friend is a person that with us either in good or sad time, or poor & wealth time, before or after ptptn in our pocket time and most important is when cry or laugh time...

For me the most important characteristic to be my friend is simple. It is because it will make me comfortable to stay around he/she. What i mean about simple is the way he/she talk, wear clothes, work, and another else. If someone is complicated, imagine he/she very concern about anything. Anything has to do by a several law or by he/she own protocol. So, it makes me hard to help because i'll do on my way that maybe break he/she own protocol. If he/she so concern about myself, if i do something wrong, it will make me dependable and hard to make my own decision. So everything have to be simple because in Islam also force on it that "Do it everyhting in simple way". So welcome Mr/Ms simple to my life!!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

just novice

Ahlanwasahlan to all novice.....