Saturday, August 2, 2008


Friend is a person that with us either in good or sad time, or poor & wealth time, before or after ptptn in our pocket time and most important is when cry or laugh time...

For me the most important characteristic to be my friend is simple. It is because it will make me comfortable to stay around he/she. What i mean about simple is the way he/she talk, wear clothes, work, and another else. If someone is complicated, imagine he/she very concern about anything. Anything has to do by a several law or by he/she own protocol. So, it makes me hard to help because i'll do on my way that maybe break he/she own protocol. If he/she so concern about myself, if i do something wrong, it will make me dependable and hard to make my own decision. So everything have to be simple because in Islam also force on it that "Do it everyhting in simple way". So welcome Mr/Ms simple to my life!!!!!!

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